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I have learned while coaching teams across the globe that our main job as coaches is the mastery of self, which means for me the internal work, the work of self.


Gaby Aragon


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Team Performance Coaching Cornerstones as a COACH

The deep belief that has emerged while coaching teams is that my main job as a coach is the mastery of self, the internal work, the work of self.  How can one replicate externally what doesn’t exist internally?, like the ripple effect of a stone thrown into the water.

Brene Brown mentions ‘Who we are is how we lead’ and as a coach I would say ‘we create authentically what lives within’.  I find myself creating trusted and safe environments to ask the powerful questions.

However, if I would lack of self-trust how could I provide to others what I lack? So the main question seems to be…What within me needs to grow, develop, stretch or shift to have a broader impact in a coaching relationship and teams? 

Therefore, the coaching cornerstones (deep beliefs) that serve me best are: CURIOSITY to be able to dance in the moment, HUMILITY to always learn, MASTERY OF SELF to always grow, and linking each corner COMPASSION.

I really like Kim Scott’s definition of compassion as ‘empathy in action’.

Team Performance Coaching Cornerstones as a TEAM

Similarly in a team setting in addition to mastery of self, equally important is mastery of team-awareness. Meeting a team where they are at and verbalizing the emotional field (the energy in between the team).

Some powerful questions:

  • What is wanting to emerge from this team?
  • What are the patterns?
  • What is the emotional field like here?
  • And what are the underlying assumptions being made?

“Owning the value you offer the world creates a ripple effect around you”Marie Forleo