Gaby Aragon

Become self-aware of your emotions. Focus on the present moment. Connection


Gaby Aragon


Leadership Coach



STEP 1 – Become self-aware of your emotions

You might be experiencing the following emotions: 

  • S-hock
  • A-nger
  • R-ejection
  • A-cceptance
  • H-elp or Hope

Give yourself permission to feel, and embrace emotions. Journaling or talking to family or friends can help.

Also, for families taking the time each day to check in how is everyone feeling, where is each person in this moment? Normalizing that all emotions are part of the change curve.

STEP 2 – Focus on the present moment

  • What can I do today with what is available to me TODAY? 
  • Breathe – when you are feel anxious take 3 long deep breaths
  • What can you influence now? Focus on those concerns you can influence!

STEP 3 – Connection

Reach-out, isolation can be challenging, continue connecting or checking in with your your family, friends, or colleagues.

As Brene Brown mentions We are hardwired to connect with others, it’s what gives purpose and meaning to our lives, and without it there is suffering”.