Gaby Aragon

Coaching systems (teams) in continuous change, 2020 expedited the collective experience to the edge.


Gaby Aragon


Leadership & Systems Coach



Edges evoke reactions, behaviours and new ways.

The WHAT and the HOW became foggy, ambiguous, and sometimes overwhelming.

  • What to do now?
  • How do we do this now?

Thanks to a rich and deep system relationship training with CRR Global (, the concept of a system inspired leadership and levering the collective wisdom made the perfect match to teams emergent needs across the globe.

Unfolding insights of the system, listening deeply to the voice of the system to shape actions, decisions, new paths, strategy, new team constellations and alliances.

The golden rule of ‘Everyone is right… only partially’ aligned with the need to connect through the understanding that every voice holds equally a perspective and a truth and yet there is a system (team) truth wanting to be heard and discovered.

Top 3 practices I have enjoyed

1. Focus on the relationship system (team)
2. Learn to read the energy in the virtual environment and educate the system (team) to name it.
3. Listen deeply to the voice of the system (team)

After a year of using and practising the many tools and techniques part of systems coaching, the experiences and learnings have been transformational.

More than ever, within the uncertainty I have the certainty to trust in the relationship, the limitless wisdom of the system (team).

If you are aiming for such an experience start by asking yourself…

  • How much do you trust the collective wisdom of your system (team)?
  • Are you fostering the inclusion of all voices of the system? Even the unpopular ones?
  • What practice can support the system (team) continuous unfolding of insights?
  • How can you use the systems (team) insights dynamically to shape your strategy, 90-day planning or/and outcomes?