Gaby Aragon

Since 2017 I gave up setting goals or yearly commitments, what I started was to set INTENTIONS.


Gaby Aragon


Leadership & Systems Coach



This shift was inspired by Wayne Dyers book “The power of intention” where he explained the importance of being clear on the WHY.

Today, I would dare to explain my experience with setting intention as a process that lives within the essence level of each one of us, where purpose and vision are also discovered. In such a state we often miss the words to describe our experience. It’s a creative process where we access our inner knowing and achieve clarity of thought.

I would define it as creative energy with purpose.

This creative energy with purpose is an expression of your inner wisdom and by being vocal about it or writing about it will support you to gain CLARITY and start seeding the HOW you will get there.

It helps to intentionally take the time and find a peaceful or stimulating space for being with yourself and your reflections. Have a white piece of paper and ask yourself…

  • What do I want for this year?
  • What do I really care about?
  • What is so important that I’m willing to invest time and energy?
  • What is my true intention by wanting this to happen/emerge?

At the end of each year I read back my intentions and always feel amazed by how becoming CLEAR of why you want something becomes an attracting force in your life.

All the very best for 2021!