Gaby Aragon

Using your inner strength to navigate today’s new conditions


Gaby Aragon


Leadership Coach



Using your inner strength to navigate today’s new conditions

In 2017 when I started resilience coaching, I found myself being challenged by leaders that would find this concept abstract, not tangible or a buzz word more. 

A practice to bring it closer and applicable to everyone was starting the session by asking participants to choose a visual that would represent a challenging time in their lives and storytell the challenge and resources used to overcome it.

Every story without exception featured resilience traits, it was just a matter of pointing it out. 

Similarly,  fast forward on week 5 of quarantine the inner strength that we all are born with is helping us every day  navigate the new conditions and today’s challenges. 


If you retrospect from week 1 to now, and ask yourself: 

  • Have you had to lower your expectations and do what you could with whatever was at hand? Be a bricolage?
  • Have you grounded your decisions in your values? Or have found yourself making meaning of these times? 
  • Have you had  to face down reality? Understand it, accepted it,  start adapting and experimenting with new ways?  

All responses to these questions link to traits of your resilience and can also be looked through the lens of a team or an organization. 

Here a selection of powerful questions that aim to evoke reflection and emergence.


… In addition to using your inner strength to navigate today’s new conditions, you allow yourself the opportunity to grow through this experience?

(*) Retrospective questions adapted from Harvard Business review press ‘How Resilience Works, 3 traits of those who bounce back’, by Diane Coutu.