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Leading in VUCA times – give yourself permission


Gaby Aragon


Leadership Coach



Leading in VUCA times

We are living unprecedented times, times of transition and emergence. A week or 2 ago many of us were shocked, or feeling angry or/and in denial. This week it seems many try to adapt into the NEW normal. 

What happens in between? In the interface between rejection and acceptance? The tension of this  transition phase is where creativity or new ways can be born. What did you learn last week that you will do differently this week? What expectations of normal did you let go of? What is wanting to emerge in you? 

It all starts with YOU – SELF

To lead at your best start by giving yourself permission to feel, invest in your wellbeing, prioritize your energy and time and be grateful.

Give yourself permission to feel

Taking the time to acknowledge what you are  feeling, to understand and work through your inner self by journaling, sharing or reflection time. The risk of impacting others with your repressed feelings is lower.

Feelings of vulnerability, lost, fear, and/or lack of control are normal. Don’t beat yourself up just allow the feelings to emerge.

Give yourself permission to invest in your wellbeing

Have you spent most of your week in front of a screen? All your energy in doing, doing, and more doing? Maybe it’s time to step back and take a metaview of what do you want to do differently this week to make sure that your body, mind and spirit are in a better shape?

E.g. getting fresh air, time in between your day to stretch, mindful breathing, connecting, etc.

Give yourself permission to re-prioritize your energy and time under the new reality

Your time and energy is precious where do you want to spend it best in balance? What conscious choice will serve you best as a leader today? 

Give yourself permission to be grateful

What are you grateful for today? Or proud of today? Day by day, week by week. 

“Vulnerability is the birthplace of innovation, creativity and change” – Dr. Brene Brown