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Notice, experiment, share & integrate


Gaby Aragon


Leadership Coach




Most of us have been experiencing daily adaptation, trial and error, lowering of expectations and iterative cycles of learning.

From supporting our kids education, prioritizing meetings, deciding who cooks dinner, budgeting, and getting to the end of the day to wake up to the next day with additional or different challenges. 

In the midst of it all – are you noticing how you and your team are showing up? Who are you becoming?  What is evident that wasn’t before? What is new?

Learning edge – Increase the practice of noticing by using an individual or group abundant retrospective to reveal learnings

In the last 7 weeks what have you….

How much effort have you been investing in noticing to understand the shift within you and your team?

Experiment & Share

What have you experimented with? In a smaller or larger scale we all have been trying new ways at home or/and work. A few examples I have witness or experienced:

  • Prioritization – of core work and crucial meetings. Not participating in all meetings and eliminating or delegating not important/not urgent work.
  • Adaptation to virtual settings – I believed that the power of a F2F was irreplaceable, today there is no option. Every week I’ve learned and tried something new to make virtual meetings more engaging and effective. Sometimes more successful than others.
  • Showing up as your whole self – Role modelling vulnerability, and by that giving other permission to be vulnerable. 
  • Agreements – As a family we have agreed to 5 core behaviours that we hold each others accountable, all 5 have shifted and improved our interactions as a family since quarantine.  

Learning Edge – Experiments can be catalyst if shared

What have you experimented with that others could benefit of? Have you regularly been sharing your experiments? Are you sharing both what has worked or/and not worked?


Repetition is essential to start integrating a new behavior,  to transition from once, twice, weekly to an everyday habit. 

What behaviours do you want to nurture and root in you and in your team? What new agreements or practices do you want to strengthen as part of your new way of working moving forward?

Learning edge – Nurture behaviours or practices that you have found useful

Some behaviours that you might be stepping into?  



… who you are becoming is an unknown part of your true self that is ready to emerge?