Gaby Aragon

Are you anxious? Me too!


Gaby Aragon


Leadership Coach



We are in week 4 of quarantine, almost a month

As the weeks passed by between coaching sessions and team coaching, what has become clear to me is the emerging patterns. If you listen with curiosity and an open heart you start picking up repetitive signals.

The learning edge of these signals is that they also partially belong to your own experience because we are all in this together.

Last week’s pattern has been dealing with anxiety at different levels, anxiety due to social and emotional contagion. Every time we watch the news, get updates from love ones, listen to the job losses, etc. I personally can feel it in my chest. I stop breathing.  

I’ve been listening to Ted Talks, Podcast, and reading articles and books and I came across the amazing work of Susan David.

She is the author of Emotional Agility: get unstuck, embrace change, and thrive in work and life, participated of the COVID-19 ted talks on how to navigate this new reality and has a new podcast (Checking In). She offers practical, immediately applicable and effective techniques to deal with our emotional patterns.  

I’m personally using her 3 step technique:

  1. Name it… start by I’m noticing I’m feeling…
  2. Get curious about the signposting – What is the function of this emotion? What is the signpost here?
  3. Ground yourself in your values – How do I want to bring myself forward?


… A learning edge right now could be identifying our emotional patterns and how best to bring ourselves forward. 

Here a bite-size 2 min video that illustrates Susan’s teachings on how to manage anxiety when dealing with the social and emotional contagion we experience every day.